Begin Again Farm Stencils

Begin Again

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Stencils, playset, learning tools, and More! This versatile kit features farm themed buildings and animals to trace, color, and create a unique barnyard scene. When craft time is through, the animals can be brought to life as this kit doubles as a playset! The barnyard and windmill stand in the self-containing box, and little farmers can tell stories of their farming adventures. This 25 piece set features nine animals, one barn, one windmill, one sun, one silo/fence/ruler, and 12 colored pencils. Perfect for ages 3 and up. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, BeginAgain draws inspiration for our fantastic, wacky and educational toys, games and puzzles from our big and beautiful world! We design toys that satisfy all styles of children's playing, with no batteries required. Using sustainably harvested materials, BeginAgain works to Benefit our kids and our environment.