Farkel Pocket (asst)


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The Original Pocket Farkel
  • Fun and friendly game of rolling the dice and pushing your luck to rack up the most points
  • Encourages math skills, understanding of risk vs. reward
  • A computational adventure for the whole family!
  • Small and compact - perfect for traveling
  • Roll dice and set aside any that win points, roll remaining dice to try for more points
  • If all 6 dice earn points, you get to roll again
  • If none of the dice earn points, you lose all your points for that turn and pass dice to next player
  • First player to rack up 10,000 points wins the game
  • Includes 6 dice packaged in a compact storage canister
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Colors may vary
  • High quality materials - lasting durability, exceptional gameplay