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Great States Game

Great States Game

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These games are terrific for acquainting even young children with the 50 states and their unique characteristics! In Great States!, players take an adventure around the USA and learn about attractions, landmarks, capitals, location, and much more about each of the fifty states. To answer the questions on the cards within the specified time, players must use the U.S. map game board. As a result, they familiarize themselves with U.S. geography. Variations to the game are included for both younger and more advanced players. The Great States! Card Game is basically a travel version of Great States! This game includes 100 cards with approximately 200 trivia questions, similar to those in the board game. A full-color, fold-out map and ideas for four variations of play are also included. Great States! and the card game are designed for 2-6 players.

Great States Junior is designed especially for younger children, and asks players to find the shape, the picture, and the name of the states. Like Great States, play is timed (a mechanical timer is included) and all the answers are located on the game board. Junior version accommodates 2-4 players. Fun and fast, geography could become their new favorite subject!

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