Picture Charades

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Picture Charades is the perfect party game for kids or simply for when they want to 'act out'! Designed for children who are still too young to read, it's all about being imaginative and having fun. No reading is required, so the wee ones can play without parents. Since there are no words on the picture cards, kids use critical thinking skills to judge and interpret the correct answer and the pictures are open to interpretation. For example, a picture of a red apple could be interpreted as "apple", "red", or "fruit" depending on what the child sees, and it is up to the child to decide what they are supposed to be acting! Children love to change their answers, so this is the perfect party game for kids! The box includes 192 original illustrations composed of four decks: people, animals, indoor and outdoor themes, and a spinner to decide the category. Picture Charades lets kids develop critical thinking skills while having oodles of fun and actively engages their imaginations!

Contents include: 192 Cards, 1 Spinner Board, Instructions