Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime

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  • BEDTIME BUDDY: Turn bedtime from a nightly struggle to a nightly game with Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek, the all in one storybook, snuggly plush, & game that’ll make kids look forward to going to bed.
  • HIDE & SEEK TOY: Each night, hide your child’s Snuggle Monster plush somewhere in their bedroom. When it’s time for bed, read the Snuggle Monster story with your child & let them find their plush.
  • COZY COMPANION: Snuggle Monster helps relieve kids’ fears of the dark, makes going to bed fun, adds to their storybook collection, and gives kids a stuffed animal for sleep & play.
  • BEDTIME STORIES & GAMES: Simply read the story together, reminding your kids that Snuggle Monsters are afraid of light but great pals in the dark. Then it's time to find the Monster and tuck into bed.
  • GOODNIGHT GAME: Snuggle Monster Hide and Seek creates a fun bedtime routine that gets toddlers excited to go to bed and sleep without the usual fuss and tantrums.