Busy Bee Buzzer

Small World Toys

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The Busy Bee Baby Buzz'r from the Small World Toys IQ Baby collection packs a lot of excitement into a small package. This adorable bee-shaped toy is designed to start giggles and stop wiggles by engaging your child's attention. Touching the bee's antennae makes lights blink and starts one of 12 classical lullabies by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. The bee's wings are soft plastic with molded texture that feels good on a teething baby's sore gums. This musical, vibrating baby soother is small enough to fit in a purse, diaper bag or jacket pocket. To preserve battery life, the toy will shut off automatically after 2 minutes. The Buzz'r measures 5.5'' W and requires 2-AAA batteries (demo batteries included). Suitable for children aged 3 months and older.